Food : Breakfast is continental with fresh bread, croissants, jams, fruit, cheese and meats. Lunch is an informal, two course affair and is generally served on deck, with freshly prepared salads, meats, cheese and quiches. Dinner is the culinary highlight of the day. Prepared by your chef and using fresh local ingredients, the cuisine is mainly French with Italian and Spanish influences.

Wine : You will be served different wines each day to complement the food, although your preference for any particular wine will always take precedence. Some of the wine will be local and from the vineyard that you will visit, but not all as France has an abundance of great wines and we want you to have the opportunity to taste as many varieties as possible.

Cheeses : Cheese is as much a passion of the French as is their wine. The Louisa cheese board reflects this with a different cheese introduced each evening.

Sample of a dinner menu

Spinach and sorrel soup garnished with a small soft poached egg and chicken julienne.

Roasted cod tournedos – Fresh herb stuffed vegetables and virgin olive oil sauce.

Selection of French Cheeses – Too many to mention!

Apricot mousse and redcurrants – Shortbread biscuit and apricot sorbet.